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Practice Areas


Wills and Estates

Offering clients assistance and representation in Estate Matters including:

  • Wills

  • Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Proxy

  • Living Will

  • Trusts

  • Homestead

  • Probating of Estates


Real Estate

Real Estate

Offering clients assistance and representation in both residential and commercial real estate matters including:

  • Preparation and Negotiation of Purchase & Sale Agreements

  • Closings

  • Residential & Commercial Leases

  • Homestead Declarations

  • Options, Transfers, Conveyances

  • Foreclosures

  • Evictions


Landlord • Tenant

Representing renters and advising landlords in landlord tenant disputes. If you are experiencing conflicts regarding an existing tenancy, I can help you address disagreements before they disrupt an otherwise good landlord tenant relationship.

  • Conditions

  • Utilities

  • Security Deposits

  • Lead Paint

  • Warranty of Habitability

  • Lease

  • Rights and Responsibilities

Leases whether commercial or residential are often dense and confusing. My office will work with you to translate the legalese into plain English, identify a document's strengths and weaknesses and help craft leases that serve to advance your goals.

Business Law


Assistance in making business formation decisions and addressing the day-to-day legal issues that arise in the course of operating a successful enterprise:

  • Corporations and LLC's

  • Partnerships and LLP's

  • Business Transfers

  • Business Agreements

  • Commercial Leases



Drafting and review of Contracts, Leases, Memorandums Of Understanding and Options as well as transactional documents such as Sales of Goods and Services so that these formal documents are tailored to best meet your personal and professional needs.

Case Referrals

Case Referrals

There are some situations where clients will be best served by referring them to an outside counsel that has specialized legal knowledge, experience and expertise. In the course of twenty-five years of practicing law, I have developed a network of professional relationships with law firms specializing in areas such as Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Family Law and Criminal Defense.


In those instances where outside counsel is suggested, I will help you identify and secure those services and work with you, and the firm you choose, to best address you particular legal needs.

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